We bring in the finest West Coast Swing instructors from the US and Europe to offer classes, performances and lessons to aide and continue development in the UK community.

Feel free to contact our Staff ahead of the event to book lessons with them or contact us to discuss options.



Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann-Drake, CA, USA - Midland Swing Open Staff member photo


Kyle & Sarah
Fresno, USA

Maxence Martin & Virginie Grondin, Lyon/Montpellier, FR - Midland Swing Open Staff member photo


Maxence & Virginie
Lyon, France


Sean & Courtney
Santa Rosa, USA

Steve & Kate Hall, London, UK - Midland Swing Open 2018 Staff member photo


Steve & Kate
London, England


Phillipp & Ekaterina
Freiburg, Germany



Arnaud Perga
Lyon, France


Kevin & Aggie
Aylesbury, England


Piotr & Marta
Warsaw, Poland


Inga Kurcisa
Riga, Latvia



Justin Petersen
Buckinghamshire, England


Catherine Bickle
London, England


Benjamin John
Bedfordshire, England


Sarah Piddington
London, England


Andreas Kasper
Mannhiem, Germany



Lee & Fab
London, England