Midland Swing Open 2018 Logo Artwork


Midland Swing Open 2024 | WSDC | West Coast Swing

15th Anniversary edition | 26th-30th September 2024

Registration is opening 1st October 2023 for our 15th edition of MSO, the first Hotel based West Coast Swing event and longest running WSDC event in Europe.  Welcoming dancers from all over the world to attend this WCS spectacular. Including J&J’s, Strictly Swing, Classic, Showcase, Rising Star, Pro-Am, Invitational J&J Demonstration are just some of the highlights of the event.

Lee & Fabienne Easton have been the organisers of MSO since the concept of the event which came from Paul Harris who now resides in the USA.  2008 at the Northampton Hilton Hotel was the launch of Midland Swing Open. 2011 we moved to Birmingham, to Manchester for a year and now held in Slough, 15 minutes from Heathrow airport,  Our ambition for MSO continues to be, to bring the highest standard of International WCS competitions to the UK.

Our Champion and Allstar level staff are some of the best in the business. Attending Midland Swing Open is like attending no other event.  Come and feel the late night atmosphere of the ballroom. The music, the dancers, you’ll be inspired by what you see and hear. Inspired so much you’ll want to dance all night!!

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