We hold over 30 hours of workshops at Midland Swing Open and offer 3 levels of tuition as well Specialist and All level classes.

Workshop Levels

On Friday the workshops will be ‘All levels’. Saturday & Sunday the workshops will be levelled as follows, 

Level 3 | Newcomer & Novice WCS dancers
Level 4 | Intermediate WSDC Points or audition
Level 5 | Advanced WSDC Points or audition

We expect the workshop spaces to sell out,  so please make sure you register for the levelled workshops when booking the weekend.

The Level 3 classes will be pitched at the higher end of the spectrum. Our event does not offer a beginner track so you should be at least confident with your 5 basic moves and be attending freestyles regularly.  If you are a beginner of West Coast Swing then get in touch and we’ll advise you of the best options for you.

Specialist Workshops

Specialist is a term we use for Styling, Solo/Line, Musicality, Technique and Theory classes.


We will hold an audition for those that would like to ‘Level up’ at the event on Saturday morning.  This is the only way to reach a higher level with out having already accrued the WSDC points required. If you miss this audition there will be no other opportunity for you.