We are a levelled workshop event. If you purchase a Level 2, 3 or 4 workshop pass you will have 11 hours of WCS classes with your wristband. Level 5 dancers have 6 classes that they can attend.  This year we have tried to group lessons into blocks so that you’ll be hitting a 2-3 hour lesson block and then have a break for lunch or before comps.

Level 2 Track just added

With so many new dancers joining the UK WCS community we want to encourage you to attend with a special track of 7 classes. Plus you will have the chance to attend the ‘All level’ classes and the specialty classes we offer.  We are even holding the SuperBird pass rate for your weekend pass until spaces are sold out.

Workshop Levels

On Friday the workshops will be ‘All levels’. Saturday & Sunday the workshops will be levelled as follows,

Level 2 | Dancers new to WCS events
Level 3 | Newcomer & Novice WSDC WCS dancers
Level 4 | Intermediate WSDC Points or audition
Level 5 | Advanced WSDC Points or audition

We expect the workshop spaces to sell out,  so please make sure you register for the levelled workshops when booking the weekend.


We will hold an audition for those that would like to ‘Level up’ at the event on Saturday morning.  This is the only way to reach a higher level with out having already accrued the WSDC points required. If you miss this audition there will be no other opportunity for you.